April 6, 2009

Pray For Families...

Elissa's Dad here...don't you love how Elissa always says "Pray For Families" at the end of her letters... isn't it nice to know that she recognizes how important families are! The family is becoming a lost and troubled unit. Save the family because it is ordained from God for here and the here after...

Here is Hermana's letter:

“Scripture itself points . . away from itself and to the Fact that final and true authority belongs to God himself” N Wright, New Testament Scholar. Thinking about that statement has made me realize more and more how much I must rely on my Father in Heaven. The scriptures are great. We feel great when we read them because the feelings come directly from someone in the heavens watching over us. But scripture makes us turn to the Lord; in prayer, in mediation.

I try to turn more to God little by little, day by day. Because He is the ultimate source of knowledge. And boy do I have soooo many questions.

Everything is going great. Dora came to church. I think she was a little intimated when she went to Sunday School, instead of gospel principles (we don´t have one). But next week we will just teach the class for her. We finally chatted with Rosmeri and she is just such a delight and needs God in her life. She said that her visit helped her a lot and that she wants to continue increasing her faith in God.

Again with the couples mission! It would be the best thing ever! If you want to serve come to Monte with your cute spouse!

Sorry i barely wrote anything. But gotta go. Love you all. The gospel is real.

Hermanita Urban

Pray for families.

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