April 21, 2009

No Rest...the work must go on

Well my dears,
Just another week in paradise. The work doesn´t get easier, my bag gets heavier, 6:30 am never feels like a restful time; but the spirit grows, the lights that were once dimmed in peoples faces becomes brighter again and it makes it worth it.

After a very worriedly week for me, concerning Rosmeri and kids, I feel better about it. We had a good little lesson how the only way we can know the things about God is to ask the big guy ourselves. So I will continue to pray that they pray.

Today, hence the reason why I am writing later then the usual, we had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with Family Orellano. They are the coolest. Pres Orellano, after 8 months of being a member of the church become the president of the branch and has held that position for 12 years. His kids are the only youth and I basically love them. Here is a pic of us playing a sweet game . . . these are the kind of parties I go to currently. Don´t even worry about it.

Also today we stayed in Monte (which I love to do) for our Pday. Other hermanas from our Zone came and we had an Asado (bbq). I made a salad like we know it: Lettuce, carrots, and other veggies, also some grapes. The other girls thought I was crazy and were hesitant to try it. But I enjoyed some actual fruitage and vegage. Because it doesn´t exist in the diet the other days of the week.

Cyber: I am currently listening to "my heart will go on" translated to Spanish. Keep rocking you cyber sound system.

Hermanita Urban

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