April 18, 2009

from elissa on april 13th

Divisions . . . oh and the Luna and the Laguna in Monte:

I went to visit an investigator who just so happened to be with a recent convert. We taught the plan of salvation. The real milagro of all of this is that the daughter of the recent convert, Diana, sat and talked with us. We have been wanted to teach her for 4 months. She heard a testimony from Hermana Eva about how she will be able to be with her child in the heavens that died as a baby. Diana just recently lost her baby and has worried that this baby will go to hell because he wasn't baptized. Through the charla she felt the spirit telling her that she will be able to be with her baby again. Everyone benefited from the lesson. The members, the recent convert, our investigator, Diana, and me! yay!!

Hermanita Urban

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