February 25, 2008

Here is Elissa's latest letter to us. The names have been blotted out to protect our servants in the MTC
Ok well, this week has been great!! I continue to feel so blessed to be here. Random moments at meal time or gym or firesides I will look around and become amazed at how ALL of these missionaries will bring at least someone to the gospel; and how ALL of these missionaries are worthy members that have lived their lives in such a way to be here. I get a little inspired. The elders in my district are like brothers to me. (they are my brothers!) But they are so fun and we are like a family.
My teachers names are Bro ---- and Bro ---- (bethany i read a bit of your email so you get a question answered!) They are AMAZING!! bro ---- taught this amazing lesson this week - i forget the topic (I could easily look it up - but once again lack of time). He teaches with this calming power, his voice is amazing, he could be a future apostle. During his lesson he said: "Believe . . . That is really all I say . . . believe that it is possible." That moment is so special to me. What I felt is so special to me.
Bro ----- is actually engaged to one of the BYU womens volleyball players! cool eh? All I know is that his children will be so smart!
Bro ---- reminds me of someone that I would have hung out with before the mission. He is so funny. But when he busts out the spirituality it is a powerhouse.
I love my companion. there is no coincodence that we are together. We learn so much from each other. I wish I could find ways to serve her more. I feel like she is always serving me.
Dad- those ideas are great! Your desire of missionary work motivates me! I am so happy that this is opening doors. Please tell your friends that I got the book and I am excited to read it. I will try to write them a thank you card if i can. i really got to go.
Hermana Urban

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