March 2, 2008

Near Leap Year Day Posting...

This is a photo with Sister Urban's missionary companion in front of the Provo, Utah temple which is next to the mission training center.

Here is Sister Urban's advice to me her Dad as I have had so much postive response to my personal Blog at and this Blog and my Newsletter:

Dad, an amazing teaching tool is to teach simple. No one can be converted without the Spirit. The Spirit teaches and touches the soul. We are just the mouth piece. Pray for the Spirt to be your guide. Have faith that God is preparing people for the Gospel and then pray to find them.

I have really have seen a wonderful amount of interest in my daugters mission. I really would love for you or your friends to learn more about this wonderful gospel teaching. Would you like to learn more about what sister Urban is teaching? If so send me an e-mail at

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