March 10, 2008

Almost One Month Into Her Mission

The letters are flowing and we are so very excited about her progress. We back at home are having a blast talking to everyone about her mission and her progress. Here is her latest letter with some miss spellings. She really has very little time to write.

Well, Going on week 4 of being a missionary! I am started to freakout more and more with the fact that in about a month I will have to speak only in spanish. I have no idea HOW but but some power (from God of course!) Hopefully I will get through it. Well, this past week at our devotional Elder Holland came and talked to us. Oh my goodness did I just soak up every word - or at least tried to. He is hilarious! and so blunt! Which is very good. He talked about SOOO many things. But one thing that I loved was in his closing remarkd (which was about 15 minutes) He talked about Christ and his atoning sacrifice for you and me. he said that even when we do missionary work the right way, Christ's way that "we are going to have difficult days . . . when you feel alone . . . to think about the last hours of the Saviors life" He suffered for us. He suffered for everything - including our emotional, physical and spiritual pains. He was completely abandoned. Except for some choice women.I feel really inadequete to be writing about this subject, trying to type quickly, and paraphrasing one of the apostales words. But I know that Christ DID do this and that God DID provide a Savior for us that we may beable to return to Him one day. And have eternal Life. astounding.Also, I love the Ensign this Month!!!

Bethany, I agree with the soaking it all up. It is amazing. All dedicated to the Savior. I read the article by Elder Packer and was exhausted afterwards because of the realness and power of the Savor. This week, and last week, in the TRC we have been teaching the plan of salvation and we talk of the Saviors atonement. Packer's article is exactly how I want to convey this lesson. A concept that is hard to grasp but so important for us to know.Ok, well, the MTC is still good. I think . . . I know I need more charity in my life . . . espically that not "easily prokoved" part. I am praying for that a lot.I see people here all the time. But I have yet to see Casey . . . What is up with that? I saw Landin Smith the other day and there are people that work in the cafetria that know kendra and will say hi to me. Yeah I am pretty popular. It is funny because there are some people that I like to call MTC celebrities. They are the ones that did some musical number during a fireside or said a prayer in a group meeting. Yeah, it is pretty exciting in our little bubble within the bubble (provo).Elders are funny the other night This one elder put an ENTIRE banana is his mouth and swollowed it in under a minute. And then this guy/worker came over and said that they needed to "respect the food." It made us laugh. I know it is really lame.

Dad- I pray everynight for you and your desire for missionary work. I am insanly blessed to have you as my dad. I also pray for Randy swan, I cannot believe that! I hope he learns from the missionaries. Thanks for the political updates.

Mom- Thanks for finally writing me a little update/status on my package of sorts. also thanks for sending me the rest of my unmentionables, the letters, the musical program, and yummies. I eat too much chocolate! I have been really craving 7 layer dip - in 1.5 years i guess!

Beth- THANKS for the pictures!!! the letters!! etc!! Sorry that it taked for ever for me to reply but I really apprecitate it sooooooooooooooo much. Jusst know that. All of the elders love the pic of the fam too. they are holding out for Kendra and janelle. I have the prettiest sisters!~!Kendra- you are soooo good at writing letters. Muy Gracis! seriously! i hope you got my letter.

Janelle- remember the list of topics that i gave you? look at that and write me about one of them. include a senfield por favor. How was the musical? I miss and love you

Charlie- bark.

katy- YOU AMAZE ME!!! send me your new address I really want to write you but I have one minute left.

I am an AWFUL typer.Anyway, I hope all is well. and that life is sweet.

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