March 3, 2008

Elissa is concerned about teaching with the Spirit here in this letter...after reading this letter the Spirit was overflowing with me, so I am not concerned about Hermana Urban not teaching with the Spirit...This note from her Dad.

Here is her letter:

Well, I am learning a lot. I really really really want the spirit to be with me and to teach with the spirit because without it, I am not successful. the spirit truly is the convincing power that brings people to KNOW that God still speaks to his children today.

The consul of Argentina came this past week to talk to us future Argentine missionaries. This is the only country that does this - i guess. So basically he just talked about food, culture, social classes, the landscape, etc. and all I can say is that I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!! I learned that Argentines look Italian, speak Spanish, dress like the English and eat like the french!! Cool eh?Yesterday in church I gave the closing prayer in Spanish!! can you believe it??? Church is kind of different we don;t have Sunday school, instead we have a branch council meeting type thing. and relief society is in this huge gym and we always have a speaker so we aren't really "taught" a lesson it is more like a mini general relief society conference.

OK I have ONE minute what can I tell you????????????The church is true. I wish everyone could feel this much gozo (joy) from it. I guess that is why i am on a mission. I love you

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