March 24, 2008

Day After Easter letter 2008

How is everyone? how was easter?first off, Bethany and kendra and casey thank you sooooo much for the cookies (they were gone within 2 hours!) honestly they were amazing! and then also for my easter surprise! OH my gosh the chocolate was amazing and thank you so much for the t shirt. you have no idea my need for shirts in general!(oh and for the sleepaid!)Well, so easter was gorgeous! It was so pretty and my district went to the temple to take pictures and i couldn't believe how pretty it is. I am always cooped up in my little classrom with flouresent lighting so it was about time to get some sun! One of the sisters in my district, her mom sent her some easter egg dye. So we dyed easter eggs and I read the scriptures from the eggs that mom and dad and janelle sent! MUY BIEN! Y DIVERTIDO (good and fun).So the spanish in the TRC was successful! me and my comp actually didnt finish our lesson becuase of time. but I felt good about it. It is amazing how you can still feel the spirit no matter the language. We must learn the language of the spirit. I know that i will struggle so much with the lang in argentina but I know that if i learn the language of the spirit then i can convey the message to people. Because this message is GOd's message. It is so important for people to hear.IN class we were talking about actually asking people to commit to baptism and what are feelings are when we ask that question. and one of the Elders, Elder bellows said: "I have a feeling . . . its like when you ask someone to dance and you are waiting for the reply" haha! first off you need to know his hilarity. But we all just started to crack up! I am so excited to aske people to come unto Christ and make that promise to live a righteous life. And I know God is preparing people for that question. Lets plant those seeds!Tres semanas left!! (3 weeks) can you believe it! I am sooo excited to go. One of my favorite districts just left this morning for the field (which bytheway is white and ready for harvesting) and i so badly wnated to be them. But just like you said dad, to enjoy the time in the mtc. I know that the mtc is this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity where i can sit study for myself this gospel. day in and day out. and through doing this i have come to see even more how simple Christ's church is and how important it is. And how is makes sense.ok 3 minutes left . ..I hope all is well, sorry that my emails aren't very long or exciting. But I love all of you sooooo much and i hope that your faith is being trailed and that you are strenghtening it!oh hey mom can you send me a jump rope?loves Hermana urban

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