March 31, 2008

Yay,2 weeks left.well this week for the TRC they threw us for a loop. 5 minutes before we went in we were told that we would switch companions for the teaching. So I taught with Hma ------, not my comp Hma -----. So we go in and talk with the volunteer, he is from Mexico and hilarious. And he was pretending to not believe in God - which becomes even more a challenge fo us . . . in spanish. But I would have to say that I was shocked with how much I was able to say and understand. I left my notes behinde and just opened the spirit to work through me. Once I forget myself and all of my shortcomings and rely on Christ I know that I can be an instrument in his hands.But it was hilarious b/c the volunteer took a lid to a cardborad box, drew a smiley face on it, put tissues on the top (for hair), put his arm around it and pretended that it was his esposa (wife). He would play with her hair (tissues), basically I loved it. He was great.The mtc also has these sweet makeup classes for the sisters. So i went and got free makeup (really good stuff too). the ladies come in and talk about how we liken our bodies to the temples and how we should look nice. Just as the temple grounds are taken care of. Not to impress the world but because they are sacred. I couldnt agree more. But these ladies are set apart as missionaries, come in 1 a week to make sisters feel all good about themselves and eat chocolate! HOw fun!ALSO this week I find out that I live in the same building that Casey works in! and I had lunch with Casey! It was so fun. Who doesn't love mtc food? I bore him my testimony in spanish - he was impressed - am i right casey eh?eh? It was pretty sweet. But crazy because I forget that I am sooooo close to everyone.Sometimes I get a little homesick, BYU-sick, or nonmissionary- life sick. But I know that I can rely on the Christ. He is there with every little sorrow that we have. I have made it a goal to think of him more often. to think of what He has done for me, He atoned for me. Studying the gospel day in and day out has given me such a great perspective on EVERYTHING. I still have many questions and much more spiritual knowledge to gain. But I see so many things clearly through the gospel persective. I know that the Book of Mormom and Bible both testify of Chirst . I also know that the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul. If I (or you) have any questions about this life we can find the answer in the Book of Mormon. And we are also blessed by looking to Christ for the answer.Well, Conference is this weekend! Yay! an awesome opportunity to hear from the prophets of the Lord. I am excited to go to conference with a purpose in my heart. But I am not excited that I can't be in my Pajamas all cuddlely on the couch. - That is something else that I am learning a lot about: sacrifice. But still, I am excited for it.Something about sacrifice. It is from God. It is something that man could not or would not make. It is a way for us to learn and grow and become stronger from it. It is hard but it is worth it.Anyway, my loved ones, I hope ALL is well! What is going on in the lives of yours? Grandma thank you for your "DearElders!" (they make me cry) Easter sounded perfect! And I think I will need to see some pics of the girls in their dresses (i want one -haha).Dad- I got the memory cards. thank you soooo much. and for everything. I will let you know when I get the other stuff you are sending.I love you and pray for all of you everynight.The gospel is true.Yo se que Jesucristo es me Salvador.Hermana Urban

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