April 7, 2008

Argentina 1 week away!!!

Hola Familia,Como estan? I hope all is well. Thanks for the updates on your lives - please continue to update~! especially when I am in Argentina. And guess what? You can use "Dearelder.com" in my mission. Just put the pouch address in instead of the MTC address.Well, basically Conference was the most amazing experience of my life EVER! I can testify that watchiing and listening to it as a missionary is very different and eye-widening. I went in with some questions in mind and within the morning Saturday Session they were ALL answered. While the elders were in priesthood, the sisters watched the recording of the young womens broadcast. So needless to say I was completly exhausted at the end on Saturday. On top of the Spirituality at the MTC I had 6 hours of listening to the words of church leaders and apostles. It was an amazing experience. I am so grateful that I was able to sustain the presidency and Prophet.Young womens was amazing. I felt like i was looking at myself when the choir was singing. I never realized how much those broadcasts effective my life. They always taught me to satnd a little stronger. To be a virtous and to rise above. Janelle- I thought of you the whole time! I hope you were able to watch it and learn from it and apply it - I know I will! I especailly loved the story from Sis Dalton about her running the marathon.Well, then Sunday came. And because I had all of my questions and thoughts answered I went in with more. And guess what? Yup you quessed it: they were answered as well. I know that is it through the preparation of the speakers that we can learn. But only if I am listening with the Holy Ghost in my soul will I beable to hear everything that I need to hear. The spirit was so strong and I pretty much wept through the entire last hour of Sunday afternoons session!anyway mtc world is great. If someone can explain the weather that would be nice. But I have my travel Itinerary. I leave next monday!!! A week from today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (So if you are planning to send me anything do it fast haha)but my flight is at 1:15 in the afternoonar: Dallas at 4:50Lv: Dallas at 7:35 (expect calls! give me your phone numbers!)Ar: Argentina at 8:05 am (so about 4 oclock our time!)and probably that day i will give my first lesson. If "first lesson" means being utterly lost with spanish - then yes!I am so excited! But this last week counts and I need to be sooo diligent.well anyway the church is true I love you all, thanks for being awesome!I love life!hermana urban

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