April 28, 2008

4.28.08- with pictures!

*Editor's note: Hi everyone, it's Bethany. This e-mail was so good, so hilarious! We love to hear from her. Enjoy!

Sometimes I really really don't like this email. I just lost my email.

anyway now this has to be not as good.
well to answer questions that you asked madre:

I dont think I got the dearelder from grandma. They usually take about 2 or 3 weeks to get here. And your package is here but i wont get it until next week because it wasn´t sent express. If you send packages express they will go directly to the offices and i can easily pick them up. the address is:

Italia 26. 4to Piso, 1832 Lomas De
Zamora, Buenos Aires Argentina

you can also send phyiscal letters to this address. I have about an hour online to read and write emails so it is better to send long letters the dearelder way. I want to hear about anything and everything is everyones lives. But you can send short comments, questions, thoughts, factoids by email. That way I will have more time to type and more hope for actual letters that I can hold and read over again if I so desire. Also maybe you can tell my friends this. I miss and love everyone and please continue to write. and dont forget me! Remember that there is this little rubia hermana on the other side of the hemisphere that loves you! and thinks about all of you lots!!

Me and my comp go to this little internet places. currently I am sitting in a little room just lined with computers, the radio on, and people typing or surfing away.

El Dorado is tiny. I don't know if you would really be able to find on a map. I can load photos, i will do that now! I don't have my cord so you are going to get photos from my comps camera.

ok if i have the numbering right:

1- Alejondro and his baptism! Isn´t he sooo cute?? And yes I am sporting braids in public. I am a sister missionary. but all of the young women loved it!

2- me and my comp at the temple. we get to go every 6 months and lucky for me my first week we got to go. it was in spanish and i was completely lost. oh man. it was difficult. but i met the temple pres wife who is from colorado!!! I asked if she knew Grandma and she said that she sounded familiar.

3- bus ride to the temple. these are things that missionaries just live for i swear.

4- Hermana Guterriz in the ward I love her! she is this little loco lady wiht 7 GOREGOUS daughters I have some really cute pics with them i will have to send next time. But she gave alejondro a white shirt! I wiah i had time to write this whole story - it was so touching. but just know that reaching out and serving others is amazing!

5- me and my comp where bad last pday. but i like this pic. haha.

i am sending some yummy argentina treats home! enjoy they are amazing and i want to eat them!!!!

Hna Gracia teaches me spanish and i teach her sweet words like sugardaddy and golddigger. man i got to go to the bathroom
love h urban

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