May 5, 2008

Enjoyable Letter from Elissa

Hola family!

Tengo sueño! ¿Por que? Jugamos Fútbol hoy! Fotos la próximo semana.

Warning: this keyboard is awful and so don’t be surprised if there are a lot of mistakes.

Ok so you know how last week I said I sent something out? Well everytime i go to try the lines are ridiculous and we have somewhere to be. So I will try again tomorrow morning. But just so you know I am working on it.

Today we played Futbol. It was so much fun to not wear a skirt! My zone all got these sweet jerseys and put nicknames on the back. My nickname was just “urban” but hey it is a cool name. Ok but it is hilarious –on p-days when we have to take the trains and buses I am always reminded of a senfield episode. The buses and trains are soooooo crowded and everyone just stands there completely awkward . . . well in my opinion. And so you know that >Senfeild when Elain is on the subway and it has stopped and in her head she is yelling and being all annoyed?? Haha!! I think of it all the time – because that is always me! Haha good times. Well anyway the train this morning was ridiculously crowded and I tried so hard to not touch the elder I was standing next to. It was hilarious.

Well anyway this past week was good. It was weird bc I thought about home a lot. And I never dream, or remember my dreams but this week I dreamt and it was all about home. and my friends and family and stuff. But today I got DearElders from Kendra, dad and grandma and I think that will rest my mind, not that it is uneasy but maybe it is,. No sé.

Missionary life is good. I am definitely experiencing it. I have never had to go to the bathroom and the most inopportune times before in my life!! As well as I have never stepped in wet cement and not cared or twisted my ankle so much from walking on unstable ground. Oh good times! I have also realized that close to everything I say in English is some sort of slang or some phrase, because of this it is hard for me to figure out everything I want to say in Spanish. Or Castillano. In Argentina people will make sure that you know that it isn´t Spanish it´s “castillano”

Well we are teaching this lady (28) Tanya, her brother Pablo (23) and their uncle Demetri (44) I likethem so much! They have come to church the past 3 weeks and are progressing. I think that they really want to know the truth and so I just pray that God will prick their hearts and they will know!

There is this family, the Bobadilla family, who will get baptized once the dad´s divorce from his previous esposa is final and then he marries his new esposa. But I like them a lot. Yesterday we talked over hot chocolate, toast and jelly and they of course had matee. It is a little different then America bc she is about 25 and he is in his 40´s I would say. Age isn’t really a factor here. But anyway I would just love to see them go to the temple! And I would be able to go and agh! What a beautiful thing! Ok I am crying now. We have been talking about praying and reading the scriptures as a family. I was able to bear my testimony of how family prayer has helped me and my family. And though it was hard at times and sometimes we had it at 6 in the morning; I learned the importance of it. I t was hard bc of course it was in “castillano” but I hope I was able to convey to them what a great blessing it is.

Thanks family for having prayer and scripture! En serio.

I understand more of their Spanish. Did I tell you that the way the way talk is IMPOSSIBLE!! No offense to them – I love them. But honesty, it is all in their throat and it is all slurred together. Even my comp says that it was hard for her to understand when she first got here and she is a native Spanish speaker! Just diligence and a lot of it!

Ok so moms day!!! Yay!!!!! I can call!

Also some staple package ideas would be:

Organic peanut butter
Raisin bran (i miss it!)
Or dad, your old ties, they are gold here and when someone wears a tie there is a lot of congratulations!

Well I love you all sooomuch. You are in my prayers!

Hna Urban

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