May 26, 2008

6 Weeks in El Dorado

Editor's note: *Initials = names shortened

E-mail sent today:

Well it happened.
6 weeks = transfers. and it has been 6 weeks. thus today was transfers. And if you are a greenie it is pretty much unheard of to have your trainer leave on the first transfer, but Hermana Garcia is on her way to the coast. So My new companion is Hermana T, from Virginia. Basically I am nervous that I need to know so much about the area. It is also scary because Hna Garcia has been in El Dorado for 6 months, making her popular, and now she is gone. But I am grateful for companions because I know that Hna T will help me.

Well, this week was great and I learned a lot about the Atonement. I got to see it first hand. We have been teaching J and her daughter A; J's sister V and her son C. All were baptized on Sunday (except for V) But I just feel soooooooo much love for these people. They are all living with Hermana G (the RS pres) and her family. The kids ALWAYS run up to us give us the biggest hugs ever and everyone calls us "hermanitas" – "little hermanas." We were hoping J would be able to be baptized, she has a strong testimony that is a strength to mine. She wanted so badly to be baptized and make that promise with God. She talks about going to the temple and she wants to do everything she can to make her life and her family happy. And I know that this is the only way to have a better and happy life. Through the Gospel, through obedience, God pours out blessings. And though the Atonement we can be clean. Well, for the musical number I sang with C and A and B (their cousin, hna G`s daughter who was also getting baptized bc she is 8) We sang Mas Cerca Dios a Ti, Nearer my God to thee. And it was such a privilege to be standing (well actually I knelt down) and singing with these little angles all dressed in white! Honestly, I would have to say that it was my finest performance.

We also found this cute family. M and N – she is 21 and he is 24. They are from Paraguay and guess what???????? ….. they are married!!!! (rare) But they are so cute and they want to learn more about the church. They have a brand new baby boy – who is just the cutest thing ever. They actually had a baby before but he passed away, which is heart breaking, but we know that they can be together with that baby again forever, I am really excited to teach them.

Bethany – I really enjoyed your pics!! Just come to Argentina and follow me around for a day – PLEASE!!! Hagalo. (do it)

UM guess what, best family ever?!?!?! I got your package! ¡Que Rapido! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! Seriously thanks so much for being so giving. It was a bit expensive – wasn't it? – so sorry about that. But I am going to have some delicious raisin bran tonight. Really words cant express my warm feelings for a package from home! ¡EN SERIO!

- I am lovin´ this The Killers are on the radio right now.

Well I love you all entirely way too much!! I think of you all the time. Thanks for your love. For your DearElders for your letters for the package!!!
Bethany give a shout out to Mary and scott – tell them I got their sweet dearelder. (I cant believe scott is home) oh also will you give me jenni´s email address. I need to hear from her!!! it has been too long and i have to hear about spain!
Janelle thanks for the Seinfeld! I can't believe it either that you are going to be a sophomore!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

¡¡¡¡Les Extrano muchsimo!!
Vaya con Dios,

Hermana Urban

Ps. I forgot my camera cord. Lo siento (sorry)

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