May 12, 2008

e-mail from elissa: may 12

*we were unable to reach elissa for our mother's day phone call, but hope to this week. cross your fingers for us! she wrote us an e-mail this morning, here is partial:


Things are going great here. We had 17 investigadores in church yesterday. Which is insane. There is a lot of work to be done in El Dorado and I know that I can help. I just have to let the spirit guide. Everyone we teach seem to just agree completely with how there was a need for a restoration. And then Christ´s church was restored to the earth again and so the true church is once again here. But once people realize that God does require some sort of sacrifice for his people, people get scared or something. But sacrifice ALWAYS brings forth the blessings of heaven. I am amazed at the things people do sacrifice for God. It always gives me a little push and a thought that no matter what I go through, people have gone through more. One, in particular, has gone through it all.

yesterday after church we went to a members home for lunch. They are probably one of my favorites in the ward. I wasn´t even hungry to begin with but she fed us chicken - which I ate and then she filled my plate with potatoes - which I ate and then more chicken - which I ate. I didn´t know How to say that I didn´t want anymore. . . well I do I was just to shy or something (imagine that). Ok and then I realized that on the chicken there was still feathers. Haha SO now I am one of those missionaries that can say that. But honestly I felt awful. and later when I told my companion about the feathers she started to gag - she has a really bad gag reflex. And was yelling at her: "If you throw up I am going to be sooo jealous!" She didn´t, thank goodness. But it is ok - i can work and all. Tonight I am planning on calling the Pres´s wife, Hermana Asay. I love her and maybe she will have some advice for me.

mom--Happy Mothers day!!!! YOu are the best mom EVER! I am so grateful and lucky that you are my mom. I miss you and think about you lots.

Pray for this language for me please! I miss and love all of you.

Hermana urban

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