May 19, 2008

Note From Dad...

We are saving Hermana Urban's letter for next week because we are missing the pictures. I wanted to just take a minute to say how wonderful it is to have a daughter on a mission. I am also so proud of my other daughters too. It is so wonderful and rewarding to raise a family. Oh yes, there are always some growing and trying times, but having the gospel in your life is such a fantastic thing. A balance of what life has to offer is so important. Please click on to learn more about how to have a well balanced life. Including your financial picture, food storage etc.

My family and I really hope you are enjoying reading Elissa's letters. She is just so happy and has a wonderful loving spirit. People naturally love her and we really know that she is building relationships that will last a lifetime and beyond. If you read My Testimony you will understand how loving all people of all creed, color, and origin is really the ways of our Heavenly Father. I certainly feel this way!

Finally, we really do want you to take us up on a chance to hear a brief lesson that will be hosted at our home in the coming months during Elissa's mission. The lesson is exactly the same lesson Elissa is teaching. Please don't be shy because sometimes we are shy to ask. Please take a moment to send me and e-mail at and we can let you know when we will be hosting another event. If you have my phone number just give me a call!


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