June 2, 2008

We are now into June 2008!

Hola familia and friends!

How is the life of yours? Things are good here. It is a little weird bc I am not the senior companion but I am the one that knows everyone and every place that we have to go to. It has been stressful for me because I have to lead the way and remember everyone that we have to teach and all that good stuff. But I have been forced to use more and more Spanish so that is good. And my companion says that if I keep going at the rate that I am going that soon enough I will be fluent. That would be sweet.

Well, Grandma, I too have kept up with the reading of Enos for a month. I love it! We will read it with people who need a little faith boost. I really love verse 12 well it says that AFTER he labored with diligence, then the Lord Blessed him. It is soooo true as long as we continue to labor and be diligent and show our faith through our efforts, THEN we will be blessed and God will grant whatever we need to us. How great? But yes we do have to be diligent.

Well on Saturday night my companion told me that she wasn´t feeling well. Next thing we know she is throwing up all night long. It wasn´t fun for the either of us. Well, the Sunday came and we had to go to church bc we have investigators and we were actually picking up an investigator with a taxi. So I called everyone I knew that could be my companion for the morning. E, this young girl said she could come and so she walked to our pension which is very far from her. Bless her heart. And we picked up M (invest.) and went to church. Well, I was full of all these nerves bc My comp - who understands for me and talks for me – wasn´t there. So it was just me and the Lord. But I got through it and actually it was good for me.

She and her husband are great. Married and young. I think I told you all about them. But N (husband) cant go to church bc he has work. SO we are going to really work with him to try to be able to come. But she was there with her cute 1 month old. And there were babies being blessed in sacrament and she asked me if B (her son) could be blessed and was like "YES!" So we are going to work that out for her. I am really excited to teach her about the plan of salvation and how her family can be together forever. And then, who knows in a year I could go with them to the temple. That would be the most rewarding thing to experience.

Well, I know that package got here soooo fast! GO EXPRESS MAIL!! But what went even faster was the cereal. Haha. At our next English class with the little kiddies I am going to bring the stickers and they are just going to go up the wall! And how did you all know that I needed some earrings?? I read the letters over and over again too.

Dad- your new gel pen rocks! I love it! And yes dad, I have been eating occasionally at mcdonalds. Things that I never really liked before – like mcdonalds has become a lot better. And my comp liked it so yeah we would eat there. To be honest it is delicious now. But yes only occasionally.

Kendra- just think of your job right now as finding a job. Just keep looking. And thanks for writing me the funny things that go down. Those are the things I miss the most. Seriously!

Janelle- you are going to be Belle! I am jealous – I want to be in it!Mom- I know that you did a great job at landon´s baptism. The kids love you! As well as everyone else!Well loves to all of you!Hermana elissa urban

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