June 16, 2008

June 16th E-mail from Elissa!

This week was a good one. A tiring but a good one. We do everything that we can to teach as many people as possible, it is disappointing when we walk almost half the day for someone and they aren´t there. But that is the life of a missionary. Almost everyday we had that sort of experience but it is ok we still taught a ton.
M and N are still cute. N talked with his boss about work on Sunday and his boss said that he has to work "si o si." SO basically we are keeping our eyes out for a sweet job for him. and praying.

This little kid/guy named C is awesome. He is 19 and all of his family lives in Peru. He is here working. Actually me and hna G found him. He fell in love with her. texted us all night and day. We had to not talk to him for awhile. It was hilarious for me. Well hna T and I have started to teach him again and he is de diez! (of ten! - an argentine phrase). He also works on Sundays. But yesterday just as everything ended he walked in! Yay for him. He really is great, it is sad though because he just misses his family. In a prayer that he gave he asked for a blessing on his family and all. It just broke my heart. But hey with the gospel they can be together forever!

Well so everyday we would get home and just have total exhaustion. But today I am sleepy still bc I didn´t sleep all that much. This is why:
a couple nights ago Hna D called me and said that she talked to Hna Asay (mish pres wife, whom I LOVE!!) and how we should do an hermanas day or something and watch a movie. Hna Asay said yes!!! yay! well then hermana D asks me what movie I thought it was and right away I said: "dont even tell me that it is Pride and Prejudice" (b/c Hna D and I both are in crazy love with jane austen - you all know the obsession). So anyway today is the day. and last night I felt like a kid on Christmas eve because I was so excited! Whoo-hoo! Can you believe it? I think that it is a great way to end a tiring week and start a new crazy week.

There are 3 weeks left in this transfer and we are working with about 7 people to get baptized within the time frame. SO we have a lot to do. It is just the beginning.

Ok so I recieved dearelders last week and it was sooo great!

well family I just love you. And am jealous you are all living together. It hasn´t been like that since 2002 so I feel a bit left out. But it is all good. The mission is great. A lot of work but I am having good experiences and the gospel means so much to me. It is true. We are here for a purpose. And this life is happier with the knowledge and peace the gospel gives.

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Joseph and Chelsie Campbell said...

OHMYGOODNESS! I was so happy when I saw this blog!!! Bethany, I don't know if you're the one making these posts but it is SO fun to see elissa!!! She looks like she's doing AMAZING! I'm so excited for her! Please tell her I said hello and I will have to write her a letter soon!