June 9, 2008

Pictures and The Joy of Care Packages...Small Children Give Light and Hope!

Hola mis amores!

How I just love all of you sooo much! I feel like this week We saw some miracles. We have been working really hard because there is just some insane amount of work in El Dorado. When we taught M and N about the plan of Salvation we snuck some baptism pointers in. By the end of the lesson M was planning for a baptism on Saturday! Haha! Well we really want them to get baptized as a little family and for that to happen N has to go to church as well. He works on Sunday – which he doesn´t like to do at all. So he is working on finding a different job. It is hard though bc they are so young and have the smallest baby and yeah work is very important. But they are amazing.

Also we have just been asking everyone if they have prayed to know that the Book of Mormon is true; which is a very important step in the process of learning about religion. Well anyway, either our investigators haven´t prayed yet (sad!) or they received an answer! Isn´t that great?! When you pray to God with a sincere heart and listen to the Spirit you will receive an answer. People seem so much happier after that.

Mommy guess what?!?!?!? I got your package!!!! WOOT!!! The greenie one! At first I was like "when was it st. patty's day?" But then I read the cute poem thing and it all made sense. But I cant even explain to you how excited I was to get scissors, tape, paper and pens! How did you know? Also I have been enjoying my Celestial Seasoning teas almost every night. The chocolate didn't last too long! Haha but it was fully enjoyed. So yup I got it and it is still making me smile. Also for English class for the little chicos that me and my comp have, we handed out stickers! And then on Sunday yesterday one of the kids came still with his stickers! So cute! The little kids love you here too mom!

It is starting to get cold and I am not the biggest fan of that. But the sleeping bag has been great as well as knit tights and layering. My comp is sooo nice and cares so much about helping people come unto Christ. It is amazing what I learn from other people. I learn so much about myself and how I need to improve. This transfer we are concentrating on Christ like attributes. When I read this chapter in "Preach my Gospel" I once again realize how much I lack. But the thing is is that everyone is invited to become more like Him. We have the potential to have attributes that He has. I think this is something I will work on my entire life. Not just my mission.Bethany – your email makes me cry. So I actually had makeup in my eye for a bit there! Haha. But loved the pic of us talking!!!

A and A are engaged?? Haha! Actually I thought that would happen with them. I have to see pics I can even imagine the gorgeousness. Keep me informed with all that good stuff, por favor. Say hi to Colorado for me and just soak up those moments at home! Living with the ´rents again! They are the best!

If you desire to send a package I will GLADY accept it! Seriously I can´t describe that joy. Let see really just anything makes my happy inside from you! So anything you would want I guess. If you want you can slip in some shirts for my boxes of clothes I have decided that you´ll should just send me clothes that I already own and wear those out, instead buy clothes. My t-shirts from urban (blue and and orange one) 2 long sleeve thermals (purple and pink) and really what ever else you find. That is just an idea though.Well I love you.

The Church is True I am so greatly for Christ in my Life and His atonement. I am excited that I will be with all of you forever. I love family so much and gracis a the gospel I have an amazing family.

Hermana urban

...Mom we had a meeting with this cute old man in the ward. You would love his clothes they are so nice and old man-like and they rock. His wife is a seamstress so his clothes are always nicely pressed. At the meeting he served us hot chocolate with these cute cups and I thought of you. I snapped a pic during the meeting for you.Happy birthday!

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