June 23, 2008

June 23rd e-mail, with pics

This week was a bit unusual. There was a crazy protest or something in the city and the leaders of the mission decided that none of the missionaries could leave their apartment on Wednesday. So on Wednesday me and my comp just sat, eat, read, sang, And I wrote letters!! Woot! I rarely get time for that. And so I apologize if I don’t respond to some of the things that ya´ll write to me about. It is just that I rarely have time. But on Wednesday I did, so that was cool.

Also I have never been sooo grateful for BOOTS!!!!!! It rained all of the rest of the week. And everything turned into crazy mud. I actually would love it if it was warm and we played Futbol in it or something! Haha. But we walked in it and my boots are no longer black but brown but they rock. I felt really bad for my comp because she no longer has boots and her shoes broke. It was sad stuff. So I would walk in front of her and try to find the best ways to go.

T, I think I have talked about her before for ya´ll. Well, She (along with her bro and uncle) has a baptismal date in 2 Saturdays. She really wants to learn Spanish and so on Friday we went to teach her some. She has a lot of drive. And really wants to learn. Well we were with her the entire morning, but only talked about English for about 30 minutes. For the rest of the time she completely opened up to us about her life. Let me tell you she has had a tough one. She cannot really rely on her family and she has been on roller coaster rides in relationships. It is all just really sad. After about an hour of her talking to us about her concerns, she said something on the lines of “I just don´t know what to do?” and looked at us for the answer. We of course turned to the scriptures. I cant remember the reference now but there is a scripture of how we shouldn´t worry about what we are going to eat, or what we will wear; Because God knows us and he knows what we need. If we put him first we will have the things that we need. After we read that together and talked a bit about how God loves her (Because He does!). She seemed so much calmer. We then asked her how she felt. And she said that she felt more tranquil and calm. There was a great difference in the feelings between before and after we turned to the scriptures for a little guidance. One verse. One verse is really all needed to help us realize how great God is.
I am completely amazed by T. Dad, I took your advice of telling people that I love them. And actually the week before this all happened - I knew that there was something bothering her (we had a lesson with her, her bro and uncle, and her little daughter was running around all crazy) well afterwards, I went over to her to tell her that I loved her and if there was anything that she needed she can talk to us.

I really believe that there is no coincidence that T randomly shows up at church after we handed her a pamphlet. And now she has received an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. That she moved from Peru and that missionaries are sent by God to tell certain people about these truths. This was supposed to happen. I love her.

Well, family I am about out of time.
I love you all so much. Hope Kendra’s room turns out sweet! What color???
Bethany I am glad that you and Casey have reunited. You are so cute.
Tell dad to tear up those mountains!!
Mommy you are the bestest!
Janelle you rock!

I am grateful for all of you in my life. And I am grateful for your support and love and emails. Just remember that I am still in the beginning of this whole mission thing. (I have to remember that myself) So keep up the good work of letter writing and prayers.

Hermana Urban


the pride and prej one:

This is me going to write ya´ll today! Sitting in an internet dealie:

the goat eating out of trash. not an unusual thing to see in El Dorado:

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