July 1, 2008

July 1st E-mail

*Elissa just hit her quarter-of-the-way-through mark! Remember to keep writing! :)

This week was good and successful. We worked really hard. Well, so last week I talked about Tanya and how I love her. Her brother Pablo is amazing! He accepts every little aspect of the gospel and he will re account everything that he read in the Book of Mormon to us, he is great. Well she was there so we ending up just teaching her a little bit and giving her a Book of Mormon. In the middle of this week we called Tanya to set up an appointment and she told us that we have to be sure to come on Saturday because it was going to be the last time Pablo would be there. He was going to Peru or something. We hung up the phone and just started to cry!! We love Pablo! He is the best Pablo in all the world! And he is going to be baptized and out of no where he is moving to Peru??? So I made them some delicious American chocolate chip cookies (Argentine style) and we went to our appointment. Well we actually taught about the Law of chastity and him and Miligros were both very accepting. But this is faith to me. Faith always leads to some sort of action or sacrifice. At times we don´t even know why we have to do certain things, but our faith leads us to do the things we know are correct. Well turns out Pablo will be coming back in about a month. So if I stay this next transfer (which starts Monday) then I will see him again. But just in case we took pics. And it is so funny because we took pics and nobody ever smiles in pictures here. So the first one they all looked horrible and I made them smile and took another. But they were all embarrassed to smile...

my peeps. Miliagros is in the grey, Pablo in blue, tanya in brown and demetrio in the black

me and my comp Hna tyhurst:

me and my district today. we are really cool.

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