July 7, 2008

San Vicente


Hola mis amores,

Well, today was the start of a new transfer. Or otherwise the start of another 6 weeks. I am awful with goodbyes. I have always avoided saying goodbye to people that I love. I never think that people should say goodbye. Maybe that is something I have to learn as a missionary because you say goodbye a lot. Yesterday I had to say goodbye to El Dorado. So I wont be seeing the baptism of T or D, but hey it is their baptism not mine and I am so excited for them!!! Whoo-hoo!!

Well with goodbyes come hellos, right?? And so today I moved to San Vicente!!! Whoo-hoo I will learn more about it and tell you all about it – I am sure. It is a branch. It is nicer. I live pretty close to a park which is really cute. I have a new companion!!!! Hermana Guynn from Connecticut!!!!!!! I am already in love with her! She is great and I know that we are going to work hard and have a good time doing it! Unfortunately, this is her last transfer. So I will be seeing her off. How sad!

Well a little D story:

On Saturday we went to teach T and Demetrio. D still hasn´t prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was actually the word of God. So we stressed the importance of doing that. We decided to kneel down right then and there and pray. First, we knelt in silence; I guess he decided to pray in his mind. After what felt like forever – me and Hna Tyhurst started to look at each other wondering when he was going to look up! Finally he said that he could´t feel or recognize anything. We asked him to pray out loud and told him that it isn´t the first time that someone hasn´t be able to distinguish something. So he prayed again, this time out loud, and then we waited again. After a while he said that he felt lifted, like something had been lifted. An answer!!! It took a while – as things will at times. But now D isn´t just going to go off on what we are telling him is true, now he can go to God. Our faith should be based on the answers we receive from above. Once we receive those feelings of the spirit then we know that it is true. We don’t have to question anymore.

Well, I am really excited for this transfer and I am excited to be in San Vicente with Hermana Guynn. She is awesome.

I made a cheesecake – delicious!!! It was also the first 4th where I walked in the cold with jeans tucked into my boots and a long skirt and a heavy coat. Oh the mission life. I have pics (of the cheesecake – not the walking) but those will have to wait for a while – no time.

I love you all and miss you like the crazies.

Hermanita Urban

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