July 21, 2008

more love from our hermanita

Hola my family that I adore!!!

Well how is everyone? I hope well! I pray for you daily. Well we had a baptism yesterday of a little girl. She is 9 and really great. It was a little insane trying to fill up the font in time. We actually had to run (literally run) home to get pots to boil some water. We were worried it was going to be too cold. So we boiled some water and added it to the font. I know that it made no difference because when she walked into the font she gasped from how cold it was. I felt soooo bad! But she was such a great sport. Yay! We had a handle of people from the stake at the branch yesterday and actually they helped a lot last minute with the baptism. One man, I promise, was the cartoon-man from that short film of the guy playing chess. Oh man I loved him! I promise he was a spitting image of the old chess playing man. He didn´t have any teeth, but he was just soo cute.

There is a lady in the branch who is just a little light. She has a huge testimony and loves the work of the Lord. I am amazed by her because she is the one that actually will go out with us to appointments. Whereas with some of the other members it is like pulling teeth. But the thing that amazes me about Virginia (her name) is that she has Parkinson’s and cannot walk well. But she is always willing to come out with us. I always just hope for the best for her. I hope that she is happy and content. I know that she will have a great blessings from God.

Well other then that we are just working. It has been a bit of a challenge to really find some people to teach. But I know that we need to find more people and get more people interested. I love the gospel. I know that it is true and that I way we must share it and invite others to learn more.

Hermanita urban

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