March 17, 2008

Saint Patrick's Day Letter! Enjoy!

Again I have taken out the names for the respect of those she is talking about. You still can just feel the power and the Spirit through her letters. It is such an awesome experience she is having!

I got a blessing from one of the counslers in my branch presidency and then yesterday I had an interview with him. Hermano ----. He is truly inspired and I love talking with. I have never felt so much peace from when I talk to him. And in the interview he bascially jsut talked to me the whole time about who I am and my potential. He has never told a missionary to look him up after they get home but he invited me over for dinner when I get home. He wants to see even more of what I become. He also said that in 4 weeks he has never seen this much improvment in a missionary. That I was fine when I came in but i have becoem this spotlight.I have been feeling that change in myself as well. I knwo that God is molding me into something better. I am grateful for that. I am grateful for Hmo ---- and his words. Seriously, he told me amazing things that i dont have time to write. But once we give more of our will to God. we will see more and more his love and how He can change our hearts, our wills and desires.

Well, last night Sheri Dew (click here to learn more about her) came for the fireside!!!!!!!! Ihave nEVER heard her talk before and now I see why soo many people love her. She is incredibly intelligent, well-read, well-traveled, and I know that she knows that the gospel is true. I wish I had time to tell you alll that she talked about. but I dont have time. read my notes when icome home ok?So I have decieded that I want to be like her! and afterwards ME and my comp wanted to meet her so we ran up. But there was jsut this sea of elders in the way. But they all parted for us. Hermanas will a purpose coming through!! So i shook her hand and I told her that I want to be like her and she was like "no, be better!" So new insanely unattainable goal anyone?????!!!!! I will work on it.spanish is coming but daunting I have no doubt that i will be fluent but still getting to that point is hard.a district in my zone is leavign next week! I am sooo excited for them but sad to see them go. most of them are going to urugary (sp?) so who knows when i will see them again.

loves yous!

Hermana urban

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