February 18, 2008

Here is Elissa's first letter to us by e-mail:

ok sorry if this email is no bueno. I don't have a lot of time to type. The MTC is great. There is so much joy to be felt in this work. I am so happy right now. It could because last night was just a power house of spirituality with church, fireside, and night with MTC president. and then this morning, in the wee hours, we went to the temple. The happiness factor may change when I am in the middle of the week and trying to learn espanol, trying to improve my lesson teaching skills, etc.That is when we start to get fraustrated with being a missionary. The first couple of days were brutal. I was so tired but when we FINALLY got a small amount of time for the gym I just ran around and my mind was refreshed and I felt so much better. Everyone says "hello Elders" or "hi Hermanas/sisters" it is an adjustment to not say "hey guys."
I really like the cookies here and I eat them. which is not a very good idea.
I am learning so much about obiedence - it is so important and I remember Katie Rose when she came back from her mission she said that "obiedence IS the reward." When we have the desire to do what God wants us to do, it becomes a blessing and an opportunity instead of a burden. Ok I really got to go.

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