February 17, 2008

Sending Elissa on her mission is everything from...










Here are some pictures of the JOY we felt as we were celebrating the last few days before we dropped Elissa off for 1 1/2 years on her Mission journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She will be in the Mission Training Center for 2 months.

P1000717 We spent some time at Temple Square in Salt Lake City viewing and visiting some sites.

P1000723 From Left to Right:

Elissa, Bethany, Kendra, Susan, and Janelle...I am taking the picture.

P1000724 Salt Lake Temple...if you look at the top of the steeple you will see a statue of the Angel Moroni who was the last of the Nephites in the Book of Mormon to survive. He was able to bury the plates of brass that would later be given to Joseph Smith the founder of today's LDS church.

P1000735 Cafe Rio in Provo...one of our favorite places to stop and get a bite!

P1000741 Elissa's last few pictures before she reports to training.

P1000747 Another good one!

P1000757 Here is her address if you want to write her while she is in training until April 14th.

P1000761 Our entire little family.

Casey & Bethany, Kendra, Elissa, Susan & Jim, and Janelle.

P1000763 Her Missionary Badge!

This is awesome!

P1000767 Elissa, you are a special spirit.

She will teach lessons about a special message to those people in Argentina. There are 5 special lessons she will teach in Spanish that will change lives. Lessons about the sacred teachings about Heavenly Fathers special plan for all of us. If you are interested in learning more about the lessons that are taught a great start would be to e-mail me at: jim@homereferralteam.net . We have missionaries in this area that teach these lessons too. You can learn more about this wonderful message of Christ that is taught.

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