February 16, 2009

This Week in Pictures...always fun!

Here is a bunch of girlies from a Banfield activity . . . oh and Hermano Ramierz haha.
and...Doing some sweet paper work.

We might have stayed at the mission home last weekend. And hermana Asay might have made cookies. That was the first real cookie I´ve had in a year. Brown sugar doesn´t exist here. But Hna Asay has some I guess. She is pretty much amazing.

The LONG train ride. Imagine doing 2 bus rides and a train ride and then walking to your new home with crazy luggage. No fun. zero fun. The big suitcase of mine broke. I don´t know what I will do . . .

Familia Rameriz from Banfield 4 (love them.)

Me packing my life away to move to Monte while sucking a sucker (one of those Las Vegas suckers that my Mom sent me)

A nice friendly cockroach...Whoa!

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