February 10, 2009


So one week in San Miguel de Monte. It is soooooo cute. Honestly, this entire week I have non-stop been telling my adorably awesome companion that I feel like I am in a whole different world. It has all these tourist type things. There is an amazing lake that I see people jet skiing and playing. I try to not get jealous. There is a bit of a drought going on so the lake is really low; it actually is acting like a beach right now because it is so low. People are playing on the "beach."

The church is super small. To give you an idea the member list is 2 pages long. It hasn´t had missionaries for a really long time and so the members are getting a little more excited about the work here (because we are here now!). Our church building is – no joke – an old Club. It is hilarious because behind the "bar" is the baptismal font. The upstairs floor is spotted with chewed gum embedded into the worn down carpet. The old dance floor is now lined with folding chairs with hymn books lying on top. Basically I love it. But my goal for this area is to help out the assistance so they can get a chapel. So that is my dream and hope. A cute little chapel for cute little Monte.

The people are great too. I am happy because if not I would be having major Banfield 4 withdrawals. N is this man that has problems with some pretty heavy drugs. We have started to call him everyday. I see so much potential. The only thing he wants is to follow Christ´s example and to have his family back together and happy. It is just that; that is what people want! Happiness. A good family. So it is going to be some hard work but I know that he can do it.

Sunday was . . . interesting. An older hermana that has been sick for a very long time died during the night. Some of the family are active members and others not. The branch president was called to go to the funeral/barrial. So we actually didn´t have church at all. Instead we just went to this cemetery and sang some hymns. Of course they make the missionaries lead the songs. It's funny because I am just this chica from the states, nobody really knows me, but I was some sort of help in a time of need by leading them in song. Sometimes we just need to do the small things for people.

Sunday night we traveled to another little town to stay the night with some other hermanas (Duran and Olivera). Because yesterday we had zone conference, hence the reason why I didn´t write yesterday. And Monte is pretty far so we have to travel lots. So anyway, our bus broke down half way there. The bus is super crowded to the point where we are standing on top of one another. We were standing where the door opens and closes (in the states I actually don´t think you can stand there). But anyway we met this really cute girl and made friends with her. She is 24 and has been dating her boyfriend, who lives in Monte, for 3 years. This weekend we are hoping to go met him and chat it up about how the gospel can bless their lives.

Ok sorry this email is long!

The mission is great. I love the point where I am right now on the mission. Gotta live it to the FULLEST!

Loves yous lots. Its been awhile ya´know?
Hermanita Urban

Ps. All you people get to see and read about me, but I don't catch much wind of what is going on up there. IE: friends write and send me a pic!!

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